Hej mitt namn är Dajana Ramic, jag är född -92 & bor i en liten håla som heter Hova. I min blogg kommer du få uppleva en hel del tips av olika slag, min vardag, musik, bilder, design & en hel del annat. Hoppas du stannar! Puss & Kram

lider för din skull.. orkar inte.

Maybe I love you was too much cuz now it fells like we're out of touch and maybe this was all a big misstake cuz I don't know how to take you. For you heart it's the chance I'd rather take. Please forgive me if I cannot hide what I feel I'm just trying to mak you to believe that I'm real. Maybe I should just give you your space. But without you I feel so out of place the more I reach out to you it's like the further you go away. I just want you to hear what I'm trying to say.

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